Saturday, March 21, 2009

MACD Strategy That Saves You a Lot of Worry!

This MACD strategy can save you much anxiety.

MACD strategy

If you want to be very cautious, going only for high probability trades, then pay attention to this MACD strategy on the 4 hour and 1 hour charts.

Some traders will only enter a trade when the 4 hour and 1 hour MACD’s are going in the same direction. This will mean a lot less trades but the ones you do take are likely to be profitable. (Agreement of the two MACD’s is used in conjunction with other indicators, not by itself.)

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The MACD strategy on the 1 hour chart is particularly powerful. If you want to stay out of trouble and avoid trades you might later regret, NEVER trade against the direction of the 1 hour MACD. To do otherwise is not necessarily foolhardy if you know what you are doing.

But for the newer, less experienced trader, only trading long when MACD has crossed up, or short when MACD has crossed down on the hourly chart when your other favorite indicators line up, will make for a higher success rate with your Forex strategy. It will also save you much anxiety and heartache!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Forex Education: The Most Crucial Aspect

Lack of thorough Forex education can be costly.

Some new traders open a mini-account and immediately throw $5,000 at it, jump in and get their feet wet. Within 3 months or less the account is finished.

What happened?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Forex! The internet is full of claims that you can turn a few hundred dollars into tens of thousands within months or 1 or 2 years.

With the most rudimentary information, new traders are sometimes encouraged to begin trading long before they are qualified.

Regretfully, some get-rich-quick merchants merely teach a little technical analysis and basic concepts in the Forex education they offer and miss what amounts to the most crucial part of Forex education:

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